March 28, 2021

Privacy Policy

What information do we collect ?

-in case of godparents : name, email address, home address, and, if necessary, phone number.

-in case of sympathizers : name, email address.

How do we use this information ?

We use this information to send thank you notes, correspondence concerning the godchildren, newsletters, and news about our activities.

How do we store this information and for how long ?

This information is stored in our database for an undetermined period of time.

Upon simple request to, we will adapt or eliminate this information if you wish.

This information can in no case be publicly consulted.

What measures do we take to protect your personal data ?

Your personal data will never be transmitted to third parties.

Who has access to your personal data ?

Only our administrative service has access to your personal data.

What are your legal rights ?

-You may at all times request which data we have collected.

-You may request modifications to this data.

-You may request that this data be deleted

-You may refuse to receive any communications from us.

You have the right to file a complaint to the Data Protection Authority in Belgium ( if you do not receive an answer to one of these requests.

What are our obligations and how can you reach us ?

We are obliged to react within 30 days to each request concerning personal data, free of charge.

You can always reach us by mail via